A Levada walk is the perfect way to discover the beauty of Madeira... 


A network of man-made irrigation channels which run over 1,350 miles, Levadas are specific to the island of Madeira and as well as providing a necessary function for the island, the pathways running beside them have become a very popular walking attraction.


There are long stretches of Levada for the experienced walker which take you through tunnels and also across steep terrain with truly spectacular views.  If you suffer from vertigo or if you're unfit, you must avoid these! Luckily, there are also miles of gentle and even pathways that are surrounded by flowers and the scent of the Eucalyptus and Bay trees. Even a half hour stroll, if that is all you want, will lift your spirits and fill your lungs with fresh mountain air.  


I've walked many of the Levadas and can guide you towards the best walks for your requirements.  I can drop you off at an appropriate starting point and as you walk, I will drive to collect you from the other end.

I can also walk with you if you'd prefer a guide. Just tell me how long you'd like your walk to be and I can work out which Levada is best.  

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