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East of the Island

Some places we can include as part of an Eastern tour are:


Camacha, famous for traditional Madeiran wicker-work.

Pico do Arieiro, one of the highest peaks with good walks above the clouds... we get there by car, you don't have to walk to the top!

Ribeiro Frio, with trout farms and levada walks.

Faial, lovely views above Faial and good restaurants for lunch.

Santana, famous for its traditional A-framed, thatched houses. 

Porto da Cruz, a pretty coastal village with restaurants by the sea.

Ponta de São Lourenço, the tip of the island, good for walking.

Machico, with sandy beach and excellent fish restaurants.

Santa Cruz, lovely small town near the airport if you don't want to go straight home, we can stop for coffee before you go to your plane.

Half day tours


Here are some suggestions for half day tour itineraries:

● Pico dos Barcelos, Eira do Serrado and Nun's Valley 

● Monte, Botanic Garden, Cristo Rei and Mercado dos Lavradores
● Câmara de Lobos, Cabo Girão and Pico dos Barcelos
● Monte, Terreiro da Luta and Pico do Arieiro
● Monte and Ribeiro Frio


West of the Island

Some places we can include as part of an Western tour are:


Câmara de Lobos, picturesque fishing village near to Funchal.

Cabo Girão, stunning views from this high sea-cliff and 'Skywalk'.

Ribeira Brava, a lively town with many cafes and small shops.

Ponta do Sol, the sunniest spot on the island.

Calheta, with a sandy beach and modern art gallery.

Paul da Serra, a plateau... popular walking/hiking destination.

Porto Moniz, famous for its natural saltwater swimming pools.

Seixal, small village, the freshwater trout are a speciality here. 

São Vicente, with caves to explore and a pretty square and church.





Half Day Tour (3-4 hours)

For up to 2 passengers:  90€ 
For up to 4 passengers:  110€

For up to 6 passengers:  130€

For up to 8 passengers:  150€



Full Day Tour (7-8 hours)

For up to 2 passengers:  140€ 
For up to 4 passengers:  160€

For up to 6 passengers:  180€

For up to 8 passengers:  200€




These rates are for a Funchal pick-up.  If you're based outside of Funchal, in Calheta or Santana for example, please note I will have to charge an additional 30 for the additional mileage for me to travel to you.  Thank you for your understanding.

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